Social Engagement

Engage Your Audience, Build Your Audience, and Evolve

Google wants the web to evolve. They want users to have a better experience – that’s the form of evolution that we as developers and SEO’s are tasked with creating. And, we have great incentive to do so. A web site that is static is dead. We are tasked to develop and frequently add to web sites that continually spark conversations using an integrated blog that posts commentaries about creative promotions or contests that entice your followers, current events that interest your target community, stories that allow your firm to opine on these current events, and paint your company as the authorities in your niche market. These elements are what Google will reward with top rankings and these are the elements that will carry even more weight in the future. Google is looking for sites that are living and changing, rather than static and dead.

This is a challenge to most businesses that don’t have a very active public relations campaign in place.In particular, small to medium businesses that don’t have PR and quality social asset developments that are ongoing will need to adapt to this challenge in order to outclass their competition. Hiring an overseas, or “hands off” writer with regurgitated news topics won’t add much value for the end user and it will be graded as such by the signals that each user creates. In the social signal world, each new blog post or press release is easy to evaluate in terms of how valuable your audience believes they are.By tracking social interactions such as shares, likes, pluses, and tweets, search engines can use these social signals to determine the difference between interesting or viral content versus content that is rehashed news fluff.

Now every business is challenged, large and small, to engage their target audience in a way that helps that target audience enough to want to remain connected to the interaction with your site, blog, Linkedin groups, or other social property. Every business has different ways of engaging their audience, and in most cases creativity makes the difference between useless content that gains little traction and creative themes that your audience will follow and share.

SEO’s in this environment have to not only know all of the technical nuances of on page SEO and the ever changing link popularity factors, but also have to bring creative themes and impeccable writing ability to the table. Although it seems as though social media has been with us for some time, we are still in the midst of the watershed moment where the power of social media signals, as they pertain to rankings, has just become significant. With the recent Penguin updates, this has never been truer. SEO’s that have their eye on the future would do well to understand that as the social signals increase the amount of user data that can be used to evaluate web properties, they become more significant in the evaluation of quality and ultimately the ranking of those properties in search.

We employ U.S. based professional writers. Our writers work directly with a creative media coordinator to help you develop engaging themes which often consist of promotions, contests, or other highly engaging contests into your social media stream. We understand that while the key to your success is search engine ranking, a growing social media audience, in addition to enhancing your ranking, will bring in a stream of potential customers and more repeat customers on its own. Our collaborative process with our clients is ongoing, and working together, we will create engaging social media campaigns that will dynamically grow you’re following as well as your ranking. Call us today to learn more about how our creative team can help you create the dynamic dimension that every social media campaign requires in today and tomorrow’s environment.